Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Start

A new start.
After planning for weeks and weeks, I have finalized on designs and selling venues for CottonBears.
Fabric sources continued to be a big headache for me, materials aren't that cheap in Singapore.

Whilst deciding on my sewing style, I have came across forums complaining factory-made stuffs.

How much do a customer actually appreciates the fine stitches and seams that a seamstress used in the garment?
Do customers choose prices over quality?

To make myself distinctive from factory-made, I adopted hand-stitching. Yes, stitches by stitches with hand.
And I had another enemy, time.

100% hand-stitching a sleeveless dress costs me almost 10 man-hours, in which I would seperate them up into days. Which would prove to be too time-consuming for a small business like mine. Therefore, I gave in to sewing machines. However, my items wouldn't be fully machined. Internal seams and hems would be topstitched with sewing machine, external seams and finishes like collar, sleeve cap and hems would be given hand-stitches.

You would never find the exact same dresses in my shop, every stitches is not the same! And thats what makes hand-sewing all the unique. You would never find perfect stitches in my shop, every stitches is done by hand, and thats what makes the imperfection a kind of art passed down from olden days.

Support a designer, be it local or foreign. Support a hand-crafter, they possess exquisite skills.
You are supporting their flair of working with hands, and in turn, you are not financing factories who poorly-paid their operators.

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