Friday, June 15, 2012

Salmon Pink for the Summer

Its summer time and I am thinking about lightweight pieces for the season. Sleeveless, cotton material and see-through fabrics.
Nevertheless, salmon pink topped with cream.

Sleeveless bodice of salmon pink with darts from the bust area to the side seams. Peter-pan collar of cream colour attached and sewn with french seaming around the neckline. Materials used are cotton which is light and breatheable. Side seams and center seams are french seamed, hemmings are pick-stitched.

I am seriously thinking about upgrading my photographing, be it the background or the use of reflective light to enhance the brightness of the clothing. I guessed that nobody likes gloomy pictures anyway, and more than often it will lower a hue of the true colour.

I made a blunder and sadly this colour mixture will not be on sale any sooner. I have sourced all the fabric shops in my country and there are no similar salmon pink found! Well there's a particular cotton material but it is very very thin. If I were to release that to the shop, either I have to make sure to use 2 layers of the material, or have a inner lining. Both ways increase my workload and production time.

Alas, summer time is for skirts, shorts, carousel pants and sleeveless dresses. I will be having more of these up and hopefully to be listed in the shop very soon.
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