Monday, June 25, 2012

First item in the shop!

With this first item to be listed on my Etsy shop, CottonBears is hereby launched its first collec----- item!
(I longed for a collection, maybe more time to brew it up)

Red and white vertical striped Mini.
I made this item to be a made-to-order, meaning that I have no in-stocks. All items are only made when you ordered it from me, and yes there is a turnaround time of about 3 to 7 days.
You can customised the length of the waistband and the length of the skirt, but being described as a Mini, I would not make it below the knee.
The fabric is woven and the material is fine-quality cotton, according to the fabric supplier it was imported from Japan. Each stripe is about 1cm in width.
The waistband length in the picture is about 30inches, which is my size (probably a L to Xl size). The waistband is elastic, you can stretched it easily, therefore I would recommend that orders for the waistband comes in (your original waistline minus 1 to 2 cm off).
Noticed that there are gathered pleats above and below the waistband.

Description of the skirt, erm... well I guess you can wear it by pairing a simple top or T-shirt, and strut on the streets in the hot weather!

The skirt is 50% machine-stitched 50% hand-stitched. All seams are machine-stitched except the hem (pick-stitched) and the above waist band area (pick-stitched).
Reasons for that... I would like all my items to be pick-stitched by hand, especially the hems and some specific areas. Oh yeah, I do not like serged raw edges, it gives off the china-factory feel, wouldn't it?

Anyways, my Etsy shop link:

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