Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chambray Waistband Skirt

This will be my last made-to-order series for chambray material. Seen alot of blue for few weeks, I shall start on engaging new colors and fabric tomorrow!

The Chambray Elastic-Waistband Skirt.

Unfortunately it will only be listed in the shops probably tomorrow. There's currently some internet errors.

Instead of 100% hand-stitching it this time, I actually machine-sewn the majority of the whole piece. Except the hemming and the waistband area...

Look at my hand-stitching, I hoped I mastered it near-perfection.
For the hem it's blind stitched thus its the same as the Chambray Cropped Top.

It will be retailing at USD30.
Economic downturn, lowered prices to push some sales.

Some new plans for my shop, I will be adding in a new series for eco-friendly fashion. Eco-friendly to me does not necessarily means the usage of biodegradable materials like bamboo fibre or organic cotton. In my case my approach is more direct. I will be scouring for good quality and good condition second hand clothes or hand-me-downs or even leftover fabrics from my made-to-order series. To be honest I haven't been buying a single piece of clothing for almost 3 years, well I didnt include lingeries and bath towels. I have seen much potential in refashioning an outdated or out-sized piece of garment and I will be experimenting them over the next few months. Once I finished and have it ready for sale, it will be a OOAK item.

Having both eco-fashion and made-to-order in my shop, trying to do my part to be responsible consumer and supporting/sustaining small businesses over the globe.

Again, I think my photos skills really seems un-apprealing.

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