Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A New Direction

Hi to those who are reading my lil blog, its a long long long time!

I always told myself to blog on my new sewn items, but I couldn't find the motivation to take pictures and write down the description. Summing it up, IM BEING VERY LAZY! :D

But well, few things happened for past few weeks, and I was online for very little time, be it facebook-ing or blog-hopping.

A very good friend of Mom's and mine past away recently, and we held a ceremonial prayer session for her. And this whole event really got me into thinking about my future. Right now setting up CottonBears into a full-fledged couture boutique is being thrown over my mind. Life's short. And some people chose to end it earlier, be it their own reasons, own disabilities. I want to do what I really wanted and be satisfied and contented with it, and making big and loads of money is never a factor in my life that I wanted.

I want to do work that can enable me to be self-sustainable, pay for the mortgage of my flat, and prolly raise a kid or two. At the same time, this work can enable me to learn skills that are disappearing fast in a society of high technology and disclosed communication, as well as the satisfaction to help misfortunate people.

Therefore i decided, CottonBears will become my hobby+side income sewing blog cum lil online shop. Im going out to work in a local social enterprise that aims to help local women to equip skills to earn their own income. I signed up for a intern position (hopefully and presumably to request for full time position upon internship ends) with Alteration Initiative, a social enterprise that hires low-income women, single-mothers or women with disabilities, and teaching them sewing skills. As the teachings goes, a skill in hand, you will never suffer hunger.

I will continue to blog here, even though I might not be updating my Etsy shop with new stuffs unless Im free and motivated to make extras. I will still be focusing on hand-sewing my stuffs, therefore please do continue to support my works by visiting!

A million thanks to my avid and future readers :)

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