Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maxi Skirt #1: Polka Purp

Im starting to hand-sew a series of maxi skirts to add to my daily staples, which are real great for work and play. Whilst I had also sewn a few short skirt up in my stash ready to be worn, somehow I have pick up maxi skirts as my iconic style.

The fabric is Japanese cotton bought at a price of S$8/metre, and I used 2 metres for this skirt. I had a paper-bag design around the waist cinch area, so that even when I wore this skirt with my shirts tuck-in it gave a really "tight-waist" look.

It took me a slight 10 days of casual man-hours to finish this skirt entirely by hand. The hem is finished using blind-stitch and the seams are protected from frays using flat felled method. I had a elastic strung around too. I will try to blog with more pictures on my hand-stitches next time.

The wonders of maxi skirt, it doesnt give you a too-casual look, protect your legs from the coldness, too lazy to shave, (>.<) visually-lengthen your height, and can pass off as a dress anytime by wearing it up to your chest.

Note that I titled this skirt as Maxi Skirt #1, yes, I will be blogging up #2, #3 and so on! So in love with maxis!

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